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Hackett House School Tours

“Around the World in Your Own Backyard”

*Why is it important to understand different cultures?

*How are we transformed by the study of cultures?

*What are similarities and differences of the cities and countries?

* How are we connected to people in other countries?

*How did waterways impact settlement?

These Essential Questions and more will be addressed at Hackett House School Tours!

Tempe Sister Cities Corporation is offering to sixth graders within the boundaries of Tempe the educational opportunity to attend an award-winning educational tour at the historic Hackett House, Tempe’s first bakery and home of the Sister Cities Friendship Rooms. A program will be presented to the students to share what is not only in our “own backyard,” but what Tempe shares with other cities around the world. Students will learn about early Tempe history and the diverse cultures of our eleven Sister Cities.

The Hackett House, a registered historic site, is owned by the City of Tempe and is operated by the Tempe Sister Cities organization of volunteers as a visitor’s center, gift shop, and a place to showcase and display the gifts and artifacts from Tempe’s eleven Sister Cities around the world. It also is the center for many cultural and educational programs developed over the years to enrich the lives of adults and children living in Tempe.

The tour consists of a brief history of the Hackett House building, historical tidbits of Tempe, and an introduction to the Tempe Sister Cities of Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia; Regensburg, Germany; Lower Hutt, New Zealand; Beaulieu Sur Mer, France; Carlow, Ireland; Zhenjiang, China; Timbuktu, Mali, Cuenca, Ecuador, Cusco, Peru, Trollhattan, Sweden, and Agra City, India.

The program has been structured to include Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings to help students make important connections, as well as links to the 6th Grade Arizona Social Studies standards. Each Country/Sister City is presented in the following 4 areas and incorporates the 6th Grade Arizona History and Social Science Standards.

  • Location/Geography  (6.G1.1, 6.G2.1, 6.G3.2, 6.G4.1)
  • Historical Perspective  (6.SP1.1, 6.SP1.3, 6.SP2.1, 6.C4.1)
  • Cultural Connections (6.SP1.2, 6.SP1.3, 6.H1.2, 6.H3.2)
  • Economics/Trade  (6.E3.2, 6.E5.1, 6.G3.1, 6.G3.2, 6.H1.2)

Enduring Understandings will be addressed during the tour:

Culture shapes how we see ourselves, others, and the world.
The desire to expand trade led to the creation of trade routes throughout the world.
The present is influenced by the past.
Some aspects of cultures change while others maintain continuity.

Tour Logistics:

  • Tour will accommodate up to 75 students.
  • Before you arrive at Hackett House, please divide students into 4 or 5 groups with no more than 15 students in each group. Upon arrival, each group will proceed directly to their designated area to begin the tour.
  • See online teacher’s packet for more information.
  • Refreshments will be provided. Students may bring a sack lunch to eat on the patio. Tour time is typically 9:30-11:30 am but can be adjusted with prior notice.
  • All of our tour guides are volunteers.

Register for a Tour:

This tour is paid for by a special fund that accommodates bus transportation to/from the Hackett House only (additional stops will not be covered).

If you are a private or charter school in Tempe, or you are from a school with boundaries in Tempe (like Kyrene Middle School) and would like to schedule a tour, please contact the Hackett House School Tours Coordinator – JoAnn Hopper: 480-241-6019, [email protected]

If you are in the Tempe Elementary School District, you can register for a tour by contacting – Cecilia Carranza: 480-730-7124, [email protected]


Hackett House School Tours

(NOTE: Teachers in Tempe Elementary – please check with Cecilia Carranza for available dates)

A wealth of information awaits you in the TEACHER PACKET. The packet will help prepare your students for the trip to the Hackett House as well as enrich their learning upon their return.

Please check back for additional information on reopening Hackett House School Tours!

Hackett House